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True Originals 2.0

True Originals, Bacardi’s “short film” YouTube channel, has transitioned into a mixology website. Check it out.


The True Originals video series launched a while back with well-produced commercials for Bacardi.  The clips never made it to TV, but went viral online among the mixology crowd.  Since then, has taken on a life of its own as a web community for bartenders with nearly 20,000 members.  The videos are still being produced and there are some real gems in the bunch.

Here’s a 5 minute clip of our friend Richard Hunt demonstrating how to build a large round of cocktails ensuring a perfectly fresh, simultaneous delivery.  This guy is all over the London cocktail scene and we’ve had the pleasure to sip more than a few of his well-made drinks.  He’s a master of his craft.  Enjoy the video…….it might make you thirsty.

Get more at the True Originals site.