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Ultimate Rums

Some of the world’s finest rums were sampled, scored and awarded this month by the esteemed Ultimate Spirits Challenge judging panel.  Here are the winners.

2011 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

In the heart of NYC, the panel of Ultimate Spirits Challenge judges sampled hundreds of fine spirits and following multiple stages of competitive judging over the course of four days, their palates chose the best spirits in their category which were awarded the top prize – the Chairman’s Trophy. Judges employed UBC’s innovative multi-stage scoring system and 100-point scale to determine “the best of the best” entries.

The judges were led by Judging Chairman F. Paul Pacult and Assistant Judging Chairman Sean Ludford and included Eric Alperin, Jacques Bezuidenhout, Tad Carducci, James Conley, Dale DeGroff, Doug Frost, Jim Meehan, Robert Plotkin, Julie Reiner, Jack Robertiello, Steve Olson, Andy Seymour, Aisha Sharpe, Willy Shine, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan and David Wondrich.

Said UBC Managing Partner F. Paul Pacult, “We were honored that companies, both large and small, recognized the Challenge’s high standards by entering their best products. As a result we had some close contenders for the Chairman’s Trophy in many of the categories. The top scoring products were awarded the Chairman’s Trophy. Finalist status was awarded based on: 1) the number of entries in each category and 2) how well the products scored within the category. The Scotch Whisky category was, in particular, filled with great spirits. Therefore, Sean Ludford and I decided we had to award five Trophies for Scotch. Across all spirit categories, however, the quality level was impressive.”

Here’s a look at which rums placed well in the competition.


Chairman’s Trophy-Rum: Dos Maderas PX 5+5 Rum (Spain)

Finalist: Appleton Estate Reserve Rum (Jamaica)
Finalist: Chauffe Coeur Rhum Agricole (France)
Finalist: Cockspur Bajan-Crafted 12 Years Old Rum (Barbados)
Finalist: Denizen White Rum 2 Years Old Rum (Trinidad)
Finalist: Depaz Blue Cane Amber Rhum Agricole (Martinique)
Finalist: Holey Dollar Rum Rebellion Platinum Cask Strength Rum (Fiji)
Finalist: J. Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum (Jamaica)
Finalist: Mount Gay Extra Old Rum (Barbados)
Finalist: Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask Selection Rum (Barbados)
Finalist: Plantation Vintage 2000 Jamaica Rum (France)