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VooDoo Mojo Enters NOLA

In a city known for signature drinks, The Bourbon O Bar in New Orleans announces a Sailor Jerry-spiked concoction called VooDoo Mojo.  Enjoy!


Another Iconic Drink Hits New Orleans…..Maybe

Taking a page from the long and storied history of cocktails in the city where that term was coined, the Bourbon “O” Bar at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, located in the heart of the French Quarter, has announced the creation of a new drink called the “VooDoo Mojo” featuring Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum.

Cocktails and drinks have been synonymous with Bourbon Street since the early 1800s. Many famous drinks such as the “Hurricane” and the “Sazerac” have been born in the steamy summer months when a cool libation is a virtual necessity.

With the assistance of an iconographic brand of rum, Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum, the bartenders of the Bourbon “O” Bar have concocted a delightful and powerful mix that aims to place the bar on the map of Bourbon Street clubs offering stiff drinks. The cocktail is served in a special souvenir flagon, boasts a full 20 ounces and sells for 9 bucks including the lavender colored signature container.

To introduce the drink on Bourbon Street and to the New Orleans community, the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, Bourbon “O” Bar and Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum hosted a party offering the VooDoo Mojo up for free to guests wanting a taste of New Orleans’ newest cocktail.

The full list of ingredients for the VooDoo Mojo is still a close guarded secret, but we’ve got our New Orleans-based Rum Connection representatives reverse engineering it as we speak.  Stay tuned.