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Week 1 in Review

Rum in the Fiscal Cliff bill, radiated cachaca, love for Siesta Key and much more in this week’s news.


As Siesta Key White, Spiced and Gold Rum hit the shelves of Total Wine stores in 10 states, they get some great press from the Herald Tribune.  Click here for more.

“Researchers in Brazil claim to have found a faster way to age the national drink – zap it with gamma radiation for a few minutes rather than let it sit in barrels”  Keys 103 has the scoop.

Journalists across the country received a complimentary sample of Asian rum last week as Phraya finally makes its US debut.  See what the team at Houston Press think of it.

Star Telegraph reports: “Stationed in Africa, where quality liquor was expensive and hard to come by, Quentin Witherspoon and his thirsty Marine buddies became “jailhouse hooch” moonshiners out of necessity in the early 1990s. Now, […] Witherspoon has gone legit and joined the burgeoning craft distilling movement that is sweeping across Texas and the country.”

Puerto Rican and Virgin Island rum subsidies make the Washington Post‘s “10 Weirdest Parts of the Fiscal Cliff Bill” list.  Enjoy.

“For a long time many of the major spirits companies seemed to concede the white rum category to Bacardi. Who in their right mind would want to take on the most successful and pervasive rum brand in the world in the space that they are so firmly entrenched?”  Drink Spirits reviews the latest offerings from Shellback.