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Week 10 in Review

High profile press for Drum Circle, Seven Fathoms gets reviewed and Pusser’s relocation is all in this week’s news.


“There is a rum resurgence going on—along the same lines as the tequila turnaround. These spirits are no longer background noise in a cocktail; more and more consumers are enjoying them on the rocks or, even more amazingly, drinking them neat.”  Drum Circle Distilling gets some love from Forbes.

The Londoner Blog checks out Rum Kitchen for an evening of Caribbean-inspired food and plenty of well made cocktails.  Check out their write-up and photo spread right here.

“The pride of the Cayman islands, a small batch rum produced by the Georgetown Harbour Distillery and aged in “Seven Fathoms” of water.    This is the first spirit that is produced entirely in the Cayman Islands.”  Bahama Bob scores a bottle and gets the skinny about Seven Fathoms Rum.

Pusser’s Rum is on the move.  They’ve recently moved their longtime headquarters in the British Virgin Islands to Charleston, South Carolina where they also have a retail warehouse.  Biz Journal has all the details.