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Week 11 in Review

New Daiquiri recipes, Antarctic Rum expeditions, Blackwell’s hits the UK and much more in this week’s news.


The Guardian reports: “So champagne is out and white rum is in, according to the Office for National Statistics. Surprising when you think of the number of cut-price offers on bubbly we see every time there’s a big occasion like Christmas or Mother’s Day.” talks to Connor O’Brien, manager of Seattle’s Rumba, about cane spirits, cocktails and the city’s bar scene.  Check it out……great interview.

Rum Journal shows off their mixology chops with a “Parisian take on a classic Caribbean cocktail.”  Here’s the not-so-secret recipe for the VPB Daiquiri.  Enjoy, we did…

We haven’t decided whether its a well-planned publicity stunt or another April Fools gag, but our friend Ian Burrell is preparing to set up a pop-up rum shack in Antarctica.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Drinks Biz has the details.

“Mangrove is to distribute Jamaican rum brand Blackwell. The rum was created by music entrepreneur Chris Blackwell who founded Island Records.”  Harpers has the UK distribution details.