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Week 11 in Review

Bundy releases Golden Reserve, Denizen gets some Joonbug love, Bacardi Limited scores a new CEO, new micros in NC and much more in this week’s rum news.


Bacardi Limited has announced the planned retirement of President and Chief Executive Officer Seamus McBride and the appointment of Edward D. Shirley as his replacement.”  Market Watch has the details.

Another micro rum distillery enters the scene.  Muddy River Distilling in Charlotte, North Carolina jumps through all the federal and state liquor board hoops as they ready to open their doors and create small batches of hand crafted rum.  Here’s the story.

“One of the world’s oldest distilled spirits is making inroads as a sipping alternative to Scotch.”  Calgary Herald reports on the global Rum Revolution.

Fresh off a week long excursion to Key West, Carl Grooms of Coastlines & Tan Lines gets sentimental about the island’s bar scene.  Enjoy.

Bundaberg drops Master Distillers Collection-Golden Reserve Rum to the delight of hundreds of loyal fans who waited in line to snatch up the first bottles of the release.

From “Denizen Rum is a beautiful spirit that is meant to be complex and blend well with other ingredients. If you normally go for gin or bourbon, spruce it up a little and try something new.”

It’s official, when Bahama Bob thinks about rum he’s thinking about Florida…..and that means trips to Drum Circle Distillery, the annual Rum Renaissance Festival and Florida Caribbean Distillers.  Read on.