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Week 14 in Review

Caribbean rum tours, new small batch cane spirits and the Real McCoy in this week’s news.


image“The community of Charleston, OR is known for producing seafood products, but there’s something a little less fishy that’s about to hit shelves. After months of waiting on equipment and permits, Stillwagon Distillery is finally ready to ship its rum out to liquor stores and into the hands of eager customers.” has the details.

Caribbean Rums Infuse Island Getaways: USA Today explores the rum scene in Martinique, St. Croix, Barbados, Bonaire, and the Dominican Republic. Click here for more.

“When Bailey Pryor was making his recent Emmy award winning film for PBS about famed Prohibition rum runner Bill McCoy, he wondered if anyone had every trademarked the phrase “The Real McCoy.” To the surprise of Pryor’s attorney, no one had ever claimed the phrase. So Pryor’s partners did, and last year released a line of three Real McCoy rums that have now garnered 21 awards in rum competitions from San Francisco to London.” Get the full story at

Destileria Serralles, Puerto Rico’s largest distillery, plans to triple its rum production within the next three years. Check out Yahoo News for more.

Diageo has launched a lawsuit in Canada against Heaven Hill Distilleries, claiming that the packaging for the US group’s spiced rum brand Admiral Nelson’s is too similar to Captain Morgan. Get full details at

From Green Biz: Bacardi is ensuring green cocktails are always on the menu with an innovative scheme to recycle old barrels used in the rum brewing process. The American white oak barrels that give the spirit its particular flavor are used for about 20 years before they have to be retired.