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Week 17 in Review

Legacy hits Europe, love for R St. Bart, rum tour in St. Croix and much more in this week’s news.  Enjoy.


“The world’s most expensive rum, Legacy by Angostura, designed to celebrate 50 years of independence in Trinidad, has been launched in the UK.  A mere 20 decanters of Legacy have been produced, just two are available in the UK and the rum sports a price tag of US$25,000.”  Get the full story at Harpers.

“No trip to St. Croix is complete without getting up close and personal with one of its most famous exports – Rum. The Cruzan Rum Distillery has been making some of the most popular rum in the Caribbean for more than 300 years.”  Jaunted has the details.

Our friends at Caribbean Journal discover the smooth character of R St. Bart, a new line of premium rums distilled in Guadeloupe and already popular in the European market.

The Ledger reports:  “Just as we wouldn’t lump together all red wines, we also shouldn’t treat all rums alike.  A growing awareness of the differences in regional rums — not to mention variances in how they are produced — opens new opportunities for appreciating each in its own way.”

Yet another rum barrel-aged beer hits the market.  Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland, Oregon announce the release of Kill Devil 13, a brown ale brewed with two types of molasses and palm sugars and aged in barrels that once carried rum.  Brewhound has the scoop.