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Week 19 in Review

Craft booze in the Bronx, more love for Cooper River Distillery and agricole 101 in this week’s news.


image“With summer on the horizon, mojitos and daiquiris are poised for heavy rotation on the patio circuit. But before you reach for the same old bottle of gold or spiced rum, consider an upgrade: rhum agricole.” The Chicago Tribune discovers some of our favorite French rhums.

Dr. Renee Hernandez opens Tirado Distillery in the Bronx, the area’s first booze refinery since prohibition. Their first products are a small line of rums and whiskies. Click here for more.

From If you’re looking for a rum distillery in downtown Camden, you may have a tough time finding it. Housed inside what was once an auto repair garage on 4th street, chief distiller and owner James Yoakum’s new distillery, Cooper River Distillers, doesn’t have a huge sign out front, but step inside, and the sweet aroma of fermenting alcohol will pull you in.

Drink it on the straight up, over ice or mixed long or short. However you like your rum, try one of these special bottles.” Check out the Top 10 Rums list from The Independent.

Austin, Texas has a new Cuban-inspired bar that is heavy on Caribbean food and rum drinks. Click here to see what The Chronicle is saying about Pleasant Storage Room.

Coffee and sugar are a classic combination. But La Colombe’s gonzo guy, Todd Carmichael, is taking the duo to an unexpected place – a bottle of Port Richmond-made coffee rum called Different Drum.” Read more at

Bacardi has released a series of seven postcards to celebrate more than 150 years of its signature rum. The company has opened its archives to reveal some fascinating facts behind the spirit that is the basis for some of the world’s most famous recipes including the Mojito, Daiquiri, Piña Colada, and Cuba Libre. See everything at The Daily Mail.