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Week 20 in Review

A taste of Legacy, locally distilled spirits, three ingredient drinks and much more in this week’s rum news.


“Hopefully Jack and The Captain aren’t too cozy on their shelves, because more and more they have to make room for the new kids on the block: locally distilled micro-spirits.” looks into the growing world of hand crafted booze.

“It’s a Rum Job… but someone’s gotta do it. When we were invited to try the most expensive rum in the world, we said ‘er, yes.’ Here is the story of that day, complete with mystery, intrigue, and funny costumes.”  Our friends at The Skinny get a taste of Legacy.  Click here for more.

Sugar Daddy Rum is the latest product release from Prohibition Spirits, the Sonoma based company that also makes the line of Hooker’s House whiskeys.”  Cocktail Enthusiast has the scoop.

The diversity of the rum category fuels a year of growth more robust that any other spirit in the industry.  Check it out.

“No, thanks,” is the new refrain from a slew of bartenders and customers who are rolling their eyes at super-complicated drinks. Instead, people are embracing cocktails, involving fewer than five ingredients and sometimes only a step or two, as in: Stir and strain into glass.  Get the details from Globe & Mail.

News Journal reports: “When you’re talking about rum, how much does the Caribbean really matter?  For the rum world, it’s a more serious question than it sounds, and the answer exposes a schism in the industry, a divide between massive producers who value uniformity in a global market and smaller players and connoisseurs who prefer nuanced production that reflects the time and place a rum is made.”

Rum Journal digs into one of our favorite Dominican sippers, Brugal 1888.  Click here to read their review.