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Week 28 in Review

More love for The Duppy Share Rum, Pusser’s lowers ABV and a sip of Appleton 12 in this week’s news.


image“In an effort to regain distribution with naval bases and mess bars, Pusser’s has lowered the abv of its flagship blue rum to 40% – the maximum strength allowed in military bases.” Get the full story right here.

From Brand design agency B&B studio has created the identity and packaging for a new golden rum brand from spirits entrepreneurs, The Westbourne Drinks Co. A blend of oak-aged spirits from Jamaica and Barbados, The Duppy Share is inspired by Caribbean folklore and takes its name from the belief that duppies (dark spirits from the islands) steal the best of the rum from each barrel as it ages.

Following its successful launch throughout the US, The Real McCoy rum is to launch at Imbibe in London this week through Distillnation. The Drinks Report has the full story.

“Take a sip of Appleton Estate 12 Year Old rum and you taste sweet spice, tantalizing smoke and vibrant orange peel. But you sense something else, too, something deliciously unique to Appleton’s Jamaican origins.” Toronto Sun has the full story.

Ever wonder what the Bacardi family drinks when they relax at the end of a long day? Now you have the chance to find out. Palm Beach Illustrated has the scoop on Bacardi’s new Facundo line of rums.