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Week 29 in Review

Tiki at Tales, rum market expands, Wine Enthusiast reviews rum and more in this week’s news roundup.


imageAfter expanding by more than 50% from 2000-2010, the U.S. rum market has struggled to achieve consistent growth in recent years. Rum marketers are now looking to revitalize the category with an emphasis on premiumization and innovation. Shaken News has the full report.

The Real McCoy, Plantation Jamaica 2001, Appleton 21 and a list of other premium rums get the once over from Wine Enthusiast. See what they think of some of the category’s most popular brands.

News about sustainable bottling from Broadway World: Just as the making of Bacardi rum is an exacting science, so is the crafting of every bottle bearing the iconic bat logo and prestigious Bacardi family name. Bottles for each distinctive brand in the award-winning rum portfolio are highly engineered crafted for beauty and environmental efficiency.

“New Orleans’ resident tiki god issued spiritual guidance on making rum-based drinks to a crowd of devotees at Tales of the Cocktail on Thursday in New Orleans.” gets a taste of tiki with Jeff Beachbum Berry.

The National Post discovers rum in this week’s beverage column. Their recommendations are Plantation 20, Brugal 1888 and Mount Gay XO among others. Click here to see if you agree with their assessment.