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Week 33 in Review

Happy National Rum Day! The news was filled with rummy goodness this week. Here’s what you need to know.


imageWhiskey merchants say sales of the luxury liquor have a direct correlation with a country’s economic growth. If so, the future doesn’t bode well for Venezuela. But that doesn’t mean people are drinking less booze. The economy is pushing more consumers toward cheaper, domestically produced rum—and Venezuela makes some of the world’s top premium rums. Wall Street Journal has the full story.

Love for Abuelo Centuria from Artisan rum is all the rage these days but aged rum has even more to offer, especially if you are a bourbon lover. Much like bourbon, aged rum is stored in oak barrels until the alcoholic bite has been mellowed into a smooth, contemplative sipping spirit. There are producers from Guadeloupe to Jamaica getting into the aged rum game, but Panama is home to Ron Abuelo Centuria 30-year aged rum—my favorite in a constellation of choices.

Florida has its share of popular rum festivals, but the most talked about event of the year happens today in Ybor City. The Summer of Rum Festival is appropriately held on National Rum Day and promises a taste of brands from across the Caribbean. Tampa Tribune has the where and when. Check it out.

Blue Water Group, Inc. yesterday announced its launch of commercial production of its premium rums, Blue Water Ultra Premium Rum and Blue Water Caribbean Gold. The first production run is anticipated to generate an aggregate output of approximately 20,000 liters of rum. Click here for more.

For all of our friends in New York, Gotham Magazine has pulled together a list of 5 Ways to Celebrate National Rum Day. So get to it. Here‘s the list.