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Week 34 in Review

Red Leg Spiced expands, more press for Bayou Rum, 12 weird drinks and more in this week’s news. Enjoy.


imageWith help from Wayne Curtis, National Public Radio discovers the sordid history of cane spirits. Click here for 5 “rum-bunctious anecdotes” that everyone should know.

FoodBev reports: “Caribbean spiced rum RedLeg hit the UK market a year ago, winning four medals. The drink has now entered the Australian market.”

To celebrate the annual World Cocktail Challenge, CNN digs up details about 12 of the weirdest mixed drinks. Yes, several contain rum. Check it out.

“Former Bacardi Rum marketing and sales representative Trey Litel had become perplexed about something in the rum industry: How was it that the second-largest producer of sugarcane in the country didn’t use some of that raw material for rum production?” Bayou Rum is born. Biz Reports has the details.

“The newest entry to downtown Tucson’s bustling restaurant and bar district might prove to be one of its most interesting. Saint House Rum Bar is a restaurant built around a singular idea – its namesake rum.” Get the full story at Arizona Daily Star.