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Week 34 in Review

Coverage of Bacardi’s Oakheart launch, High Liquors rolls out a line of craft spirits, bar openings, drink recipes and much more in this week’s news roundup.


Bacardi is hoping “Oak and Coke” will be a drink order heard across the globe as it launches its new Bacardi Oakheart.”  Brand Channel covers Booze Newz.

Rum Connection T-Shirts are going fast.  Get yours today.  All proceeds support the drinking practices of the site’s owner.  Click here to order.

Carl from Coastlines & Tan Lines finds himself in Grenada aboard the Zero to Cruising yacht learning how to make new rum drinks.  Enjoy!

Blackwell’s Fine Jamaican Rum makes a splash in the US market with a celebrity studded party in New York hosted by brand owner, Chris Blackwell.  NY Post has the details. reports that locally owned High Liquors is the world’s first full line of premium spirits including vodka, rum, whiskey and tequila.  High Rum is souced from Angostura and is said to be from their 3-5 year old stocks.

Using local resources, South Carolina’s Firefly Distilling releases a full line of gold, spiced and java rums under the Sea Island label.  Get more here.

A Rum Escape from Summer in the City: Rum 101 and a decent drink recipe from Shore Magazine.

Portland gets yet another cool bar.  Rum Club opens up on SE Sandy Blvd. with craft cocktails and a nice selection of spirits.

This guy is everywhere!!  Our friend Chesterfield Browne jets to Australia to school local bartenders on the virtues of Mount Gay.  Get the details at

From the Observer – “Bundaberg Distilling Company has received worldwide recognition for its new limited edition premium rum, the 10-Year-Old Rum Master Distillers’ Collection.”

With a variety of 111 bottles, Rum Bar in Phoenix has the widest selection in the entire state of Arizona.  Get the scoop from Pheonix