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Week 36 in Review

Coverage of London cocktail bars, a wide selection of cane spirits in Las Vegas, rum’s big comeback in New York and much more in these week’s rum news.


“Campari has announced an agreement … to acquire an 81.4% ownership in Lascelles deMercado & Co., a publicly traded holding company based in Kingston, Jamaica.” Campari’s acquisition of Appleton Rum dominated the news this week.  If you missed it, here’s our coverage.

The love continues for Thomas Tew Rum. discovers the virtues of this local favorite.

Las Vegas Magazine pays a visit to Rhumbar at the Mirage Resort & Casino for fine cocktails and a wide selection of sipping rums.  Click here for the full story.

According to Gothamist, rum is making a comeback.  Check out their cocktail-fueled research and coverage on the topic.

“Key London hotel bars are run by specialists who do more than dabble in the alchemy of spirits.” Sydney Morning Herald takes a tour of some of London’s top cocktail spots.

Northumberland Gazette reports: “A specialist drinks company has re-established the link between the jewel in the county’s yacht-racing season and its original home town. Spirit of Northumberland – which produces Alnwick Rum – is sponsoring a new race at the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club”

Finally, you’re going to love this dome shaped bar featured on “If architect Vo Trong Nghia had submitted this gorgeous dome and said it was a temple of some kind, a lot of people would have believed him. In fact, it is a bar and a club, used for concerts, meetings and other events.”