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Week 36 In Review

Bars, movies, cocktails, brands, awards and reviews.  Here’s what’s been going on in the peculiar world of cane spirits during the week of September 4th.


School is back in session and all the cool kids are wearing Rum Connection Tees.  Don’t be a nerd.  Buy one right now

The weather is starting to change in Canada, so the Calgary Herald pulls together a nice rhum drink that they deem “the taste of fall in a glass.”

News of the Weird: A dispute over a bottle of rum between two Jamaican men results in arrests and a severed hand.  Jamaica Star reports.

“Why do people believe that old rum is better rum?”  Bahama Bob starts the debate over at the Rumstyles blog.

It’s the hot topic for a second week running.  Johnny Depp‘s new movie, The Rum Diary, releases a series of still photos and an updated trailer.

Chill out with this list of cocktails that can cool anyone off at a crowded party.”  The Collegian serves up 11 rum drinks.

Centuria, one of our favorite premium sippers from Ron Abuelo, scores a nice review in Forbes Magazine.

Rum 101 and a list of super-cool Factoids from our friends at Today I Found

Master mixologist, Jim Meehan of New York’s PDT, gets some face time in The Post ahead of the Bon Appétit – Feast or Fashion event.

Joe Squared, Baltimore‘s famous rum bar and pizza joint, has opened a second location in the city’s Power Plant Live entertainment district.  Read on.

The Airmail Cocktail made with Denizen Rum, honey and lime makes the list of “best rooftop bar cocktails” at the Oyster Blog.