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Week 38 in Review

An American liquor brand markets rum history, details about the VI rum scene, London’s most stylish bars and much more in this week’s news. Check it out!


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Local liquor lore sells rum.  Charleston City Paper reports on the new marketing strategy adopted by Firefly Distillery.

“The Jamaica Intellectual Property Office has been instructed to fast-track efforts to protect brand Jamaica in the area of rum through Geographical Indication registration.”  Details from the Jamaican Information Service.

While planning for an upcoming trip to the Virgin Islands, Bahama Bob does some research into the local rum and distilling scene.  Get the skinny at Bob’s Rumstyles blog.

Johnny Depp and the soon-to-be-released Rum Diary film are still dominating the news, this time with a quick look at their new movie poster.  Get a peek at Movie Snob.

Our friends at the Seattle-based Rum Collective are gearing up for their 1st Anniversary party.  If you’re anywhere within 500 miles of this shindig you need to be there.  Here are the details.

In an attempt to appeal to year round drinkers, Malibu Rum designs a bottle especially for the winter months complete with mountains and snow.  Market Mag has the specifics.

Ever miss a flight?  Blame it on the RUM.  At least that’s what our friend Lyndsey from Team Cocktail did after a long, rum-filled weekend in Key West.  Check it out.

London‘s most knowledgeable bloggers open their little black books and share their most stylish addresses...” The Telegraph pulls together a list of London’s most stylish bars with a little online help.