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Week 39 in Review

The greening of the spirits industry, new brands launched and reviewed, an interview with Ron Jeremy and more in this week’s rum news.  Check it out. 


Seattle’s Pour Fool has his first sip of Mount Gay Eclipse Black.  What does he think of this 100 proof Bajan wonder?!  Tune in to find out.

“For years the courts have not been able to decide who holds ownership to the brand name Havana Club.”  The Times looks at the long and ugly battle for global trademark rights to Cuba’s most popular rum.

The research and preparation for his upcoming journey to the USVI, BVI and beyond continues.  Bahama Bob makes plans to visit Iggies, one of the most well-known beach bars in the Virgin Islands.

The Rum Bar @ the Breadfuit in Pheonix, AZ gets some love from the Hot Sheet Blog.  Check it out.

Rum history, rum present and rum future layed out by our friends at the Montreal Gazette…..and several nice cocktail recipes.  Read on.

“You don’t have to be a sailor to enjoy this spicy spirit – the tropical flavors range from light and sweet to dark, rich and treacly with a hint of the exotic.” The Independent lists their top 10 rums.

Laine Doss of the Miami New Times sits down with adult film actor Ron Jeremy to talk about his new rum brand. talks about the greening of the spirits industry in ‘The Story of Sustainable Rum Begins With What’s Left.’

Our pals at try the new Oakheart Spiced Rum from Bacardi and give it the thumbs up with 8 out of 10 tikis on their rating system.