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Week 41 in Review

What a week for RUM!  Big press in the WSJ, reviews in the National Post, Ron Jeremy talks booze, we meet Uncommon Caribbean in Berlin and much more.


Rums to Savor.  The Wall Street Journal reviews 5 of our favorite sippers1888, Zacapa, 1796, Atlantico, and Plantation 20.  Read on. 

Uncommon Caribbean reflect on their trip to Berlin for the German Rum Festival and Rum Connection gets a shout out.  Woohoo!

“An official of Foursquare Distillery, the multimillion-dollar rum manufacturing plant, is pleading with Government for a level playing field and an ease in excise taxes.”  Nation News has the details.

National Post discovers the world of cane spirits.  Check out who they recommend in each price category.

“Porn star Ron Jeremy walks into the Vegas Showgirls liquor store….”  Ready for the punch line? gets to know the latest celeb spirits pusher.

The West Toast blog explores Portland’s distillery row with a stop in at Deco Distilling.  Their small batch silver rum was a big hit.

Father and Son duo create collectable tiki mugs in Portland.  Munktiki gets some love from Oregon Live.