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Week 44 in Review

Australian rum history, Koloa saves local cane industry, New England rum in the spotlight and more in this week’s news.


“Champagne may be the obvious drink of choice in this city of yachts and seaside estates, but a largely forgotten spirit haunts Newport.” New England distilleries get some love from the Telegraph.

Kauai’s nearly forgotten sugar cane industry is doing great business thanks to one local rum producer. Koloa brand helps fuel the agricultural rebound of the Garden Island.  Star Advertiser has the full story.

From the Sydney Morning Herald: “You don’t need a history lesson to know that since the earliest days of the struggling New South Wales colony, Australia has been awash with rum.”

Seattle Weekly looks back at the local Trader Vic’s for some tiki inspiration in their most recent “Restaurants We Miss” column.  Enjoy.

“Jamaica has given us Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, jerk chicken and some of the world’s finest and most expensive rum, as discerning drinkers at The Merchant Hotel in Belfast are about to find out.” The Telegraph has the scoop about Belfast’s introduction to Appleton 50.