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Westerhall Estate

The Rum Bus arrives at Grenada’s Westerhall Estate for a walk through distilling history. Read on…


On a hot, sunny Grenada morning, we piled into the Rum Bus and zig-zagged through the island’s lush south coastal roads. Our driver pointed out the fancy neighborhoods and famous rum shops of St. David Parish and 20 minutes later we arrived at Westerhall Estate, makers of the popular Jack Iron and Vintage Rums.

Westerhall Estate began making rum on this property in the 1700s when the plantation took up hundreds of acres in the coastal parish.  Access to pure water and fresh cane juice made their products distinct from the beginning and they have always enjoyed a strong local following.

The distillery on the property has long been shut down and the equipment lays in ruin unmoved and untouched for decades.   It is like walking through a rum museum and not difficult to imagine the intense energy the place must have had back in the day during full production.

Today, the Westerhall line of rums are originally sourced from Angostura Distillery in Trinidad.  After transport to Grenada, it is aged, blended and bottled to the precise specifications of each individual offering.

Their premium rum, Westerhall Vintage, stands up nicely against many sippers from the region.  Locally, Jack Iron and White Jack are top selling rums known for their strength and ability to mix well in cocktails.  Their latest addition, 12 Degrees, is a super light white rum that makes no apologies for trying to infiltrate the vodka-drinkers market.  It scored well in the CAB Tasting Competition and will surely continue to do well in the local and international market.

If you ever find yourself looking for a rum history lesson while in Grenada, be sure to pay our friends at Westerhall a visit.  And since many of their products are now available in the US, pick up a few bottles and let us know what you think.