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Wild Geese Rum Launch

Created specifically for the nightclub and cocktail bar scene, Wild Geese Golden Rum rolls out a new 5 year old Caribbean blend in the European market.  


We discovered yet another interesting and recently launched rum at the German Rum Festival.  Wild Geese Golden is a blend of rums from Trinidad and Jamaica that has been designed specifically for cocktail mixing.  While some may assume that “mixing rums” are of inferior quality, Wild Geese is quite different.  It is a high end rum blended from quality stock and meant to have a distinct flavor profile for distinct cocktails.  Here’s more on this interesting new brand.

From Avalon Group Inc., producers of The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection, which has been voted ‘BEST IRISH WHISKEY’ three times, comes a brand new product that continues to tell the intrepid story of The Wild Geese.  Wild Geese Golden Rum is edgy, contemporary and its specially designed UV day-glow label is a must-have for nightclubs and bars.

The story of The Wild Geese

Even before the dramatic events that led to Patrick Sarsfield and The Wild Geese leaving Ireland in 1691, many Irish men and women were forced from their homeland, sent to the Caribbean and Americas to work on plantations.

Sent into darkness and exile, they did not flinch when faced with this unimaginable horror. Their story of courage has largely been untold until now. Determined to win freedom, those that escaped, blazed a trial across the endless blue as liberators and pirates of the Caribbean.

The Wild Geese Golden Rum tells their story:

From the heart of the Caribbean, from the very places this story unfolds, Avalon offers this fine rum. With the launch in domestic markets across Europe, the Avalon Group reaffirms the legend of The Wild Geese and tells the often overlooked but inspiring story of the Irish in the Caribbean.

Wherever you are in the world, if you are of Irish descent you are part of this story and entitled to call yourself ‘Wild Geese.’


Nose: Very clean, with pronounced and aromatic spice.

Taste & Finish: Hint of butterscotch and tropical fruit on the palate. Slowly develops with apricot, light vanilla and cocoa notes, sustaining a powerful lingering finish with a touch of dried spice.

Bartenders from around the world will have a chance to try this new golden rum at the Berlin Bar Convent and the Berlin Rum Fest.  The results were very positive.

To learn more about The Wild Geese Golden Rum, check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.