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In Search of Worthy Park

The first stop on our rum research trip in Jamaica was Worthy Park Estate.  We had no idea how much of a thirst we’d work up just finding the place.


As we all loaded onto the Rum Bus and looked at our map of Jamaica, we knew that our commute would be bumpy, hot, long, excruciating…..and totally worth it.  Our destination was Worthy Park Estate, makers of Rum-Bar Rum, Worthy Gold and Rum-Bar Rum Cream.  This distillery is  making high-end Jamaican rum in a very modern, efficient way and we couldn’t wait to see it.

We left the friendly surroundings of Montego Bay and drove up into the stunning mountains of the island’s interior.  Our driver, Kenny, assured us that the ride would be “no more than 3 or 4 hours on good roads” so we settled in for the trip.

Jamaica is a beautiful country and the first few hours of our journey were a real pleasure.  But as the roads got worse and our driver got lost, the trip became less enjoyable.  Several hours in, we stopped for a patty and bad coffee at a fast food joint and we all figured we were getting close.  Wrong!

At hour number four, Kenny finally decided to call the distillery for directions.  It was no surprise that we were nowhere near Worthy Park.  We backtracked, stopped to ask for directions, called the distillery again and kept up a confusing path around central and southern Jamaica.

After another hour of driving up and down unmarked mountain roads and through countless rural villages, we spotted something that had to suggest that we were close to a distillery.  A truck carrying a massive load of sugarcane slowly crept up the winding road in front of us and we insisted that Kenny follow it. 

We rounded one last corner and the dense surrounding jungle opened up to give us an unobstructed view of a lush green valley called Lluidas Vale.  In the distance, barely detectable on the horizon, was Worthy Park Estate.

A few miles later, the Rum Bus screeched to a stop and we all jumped out to stretch our legs and breath in the fresh, molasses-charged mountain air.  The surroundings were beautiful.  Endless fields of sugarcane rolled across the valley floor and lush green mountains provided a beautiful backdrop under the sunny sky.  This would be an idyllic location for a luxury resort, not to mention a sugar factory and distillery.

We were all relieved that we had finally reached Worthy Park and hoped that there would soon be sweet rum to sample.  Hell, a six hour van ride would drive just about anyone to drink.

Tune in tomorrow as we get a look inside the distillery at Worthy Park Estate and have a chance to try their line of rums.