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Endangered: Ron Zacapa – Straight From The Cask

Dave Russell (Rum GalleryIRC) chimes in with more commentary about Endangered Rums.


Zacapa Straight from the Cask – out of production for years, this 45% ABV rum made from sugarcane miel can still be found in some Central American shops.

For many lovers of sugarcane spirits, Ron Zacapa rums are the benchmark by which others are measured by.  Ron Zacapa Straight From The Cask sets a typically high bar, even within the distiller’s own portfolio of rums.  It is exceptional, such that no connoisseur’s collection can truly be complete without some.

Slightly less oaky and fruity than Zacapa XO, but with a heavier body, Straight From The Cask’s higher alcohol (45% vs the USA norm of 40%) enables the impressive aromas and flavors to express themselves with an even greater intensity than we’ve come to expect from this world-class distiller. The higher alcohol content is noticed immediately on the nose in a good way, by transporting the spirit’s deliciously sweet aromas to your senses more quickly.

It’s as if the time spent in oak made the rum long for appreciation, so it doesn’t hesitate to impress and satisfy.  The aromas are heavily sweet; nonetheless everything is balanced and mesmerizing to your nose.  Sipping slowly but surely overwhelms your senses with delectable waves of sweet rum nectar, complex but whole, with flavors matched to the aromas but with a deeper, more physical expression.  $50


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